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We provide an innovative, nurturing and stimulating environment where children develop independence, confidence and a positive sense of self and the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to involve children in experiences that enhance language, literacy, music, movement, art and socialization. Through play, all areas of development are fostered.

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We provide the main activities

Elements of Learning. Committed to Excellence

At Globetrotters Kids, we emphasize on curiosity, creativity and hands-on learning. Our curriculum is theme-based and draws from multiple early childhood models with adequate implementation of technology. In association with our curriculum partner Kindiedays, Finland – World’s leading curriculum & pedagogical management platform – we have developed an Integrated Indian & Finnish curriculum. In line with NEP 2020, we have a play based approach to curriculum.

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Integrated Indian
& Finnish Curriculum

Transversal Competencies


Experiential Learning


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Extra Curricular Activities


We Create a Nurturing Environment for Each Child

At our facility, we are dedicated to crafting a nurturing environment tailored to the unique needs of every child in our care.
Thought open ended play based experiences children flourish, and grow to love their school, taking pride in belonging to a community.

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Why Choose Globetrotters Kids Early Education & Child Care

  1. Holistic Approach

    At Globetrotters Kids, we seek to address all aspects of a child's development, fostering well-rounded individuals : physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs.

  2. International Collaborations

    Our strategic partnership with best-in-class early education firms from across the globe helps our children to get the right exposure to the latest early education pedagogy.

  3. Quality Education For Your Childrens

    Our curriculam focus on Transversal Competencies, Preschool STEAM & Project & Evidence based learning. We have a child centric curriculam and the quarterly review identifies the learning gaps and the gaps are bridged subsequently.

  4. Play-Based Learning

    We have integrated play into the curriculam, allowing children to explore, experiment and develop essential skills through enjoyable activities.

  5. Child- Centered Learning

    The focus is on the child as an active participant in their learning journey.

  6. Quality Educators

    Trusted, highly trained and hand-picked Educators. We believe that educators play a huge role in quality child care.

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We believe children learn by building on the knowledge they already have – primarily exhibited through play. Teachers help children learn by creating a rich environment to explore via exciting educational activities.

  1. Image of the child

    Teachers can then shape and build on that knowledge by discovering what children already know through observation, one-on-one conversation, clarification, and invitation to explore the world around them.

  2. Positive Discipline

    Spanking or other methods of corporal punishment are never to be used as a means of disciplining students. This no spanking policy extends to parents with their own children while at school or school sponsored events.

  3. Environment is important

    We like to work and play in attractive surroundings so our buildings are clean, relatively tidy, and pleasing to the eye. The outdoor environments are large, have colourful and interesting gardens, and a variety of activities.


Positive, Safe Environment – We are committed to providing an uplifting and positive atmosphere for our children and staff; a fun learning experience in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

  • Leadership – We are committed to lead; developing, monitoring, and empowering our children and our staff to reach their full potential.

  • Excellence – We are committed to achieve the greatest levels of excellence in childcare, in education and in everything we do; being highly professional, innovative, creative, efficient, and effective.

  • Respect – We are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with each other, our children & their families, along with the community through communication and understanding of the cultures around us.

  • Integrity – We are committed to carry out our mission.

We have a focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers and offer competitive remuneration, good student discipline and relatively small class sizes


Infant Classroom

She has never tired of the “ah-ha” moments and the pride that swells in a little one who is learning to do something for the first time.


Infant Classroom

She has never tired of the “ah-ha” moments and the pride that swells in a little one who is learning to do something for the first time.


Lead Teacher

Maria has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, a Montessori certification for children ages 3-6.


Lead Teacher

Maria has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, a Montessori certification for children ages 3-6.


If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please submit your review at the bottom of this page.

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    My daughter, who is now in PreKG, has been going to Globetrotters since play school. The curriculum and way of teaching is great, which makes learning interesting. The concepts she learned since she joined the school is incredible. The teachers have a very genuine care for each kid and for that reason my daughter loves going to school.

    Overall I am a satisfied and happy parent.

    Parent’s Name : Eliza Chelleng

    Child’s Name : Anaysha

    Class : Prekg

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    Beautifully organised.Well thought through with kids talking about animals.Playgroup kids really enjoyed different sections put across the school area.Thanks to the teachers & staff for putting this effort. Thanks Neha ma’am for taking care of our little ones.

    Parent’s Name : Himadri

    Child’s Name : Mayra Gupta

    Class : Playgroup

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    We love the nurturing and friendly environment at Globetrotters Kids. The school provides good learning style combined with lots of extra-curricular activities, field trips, etc. Experienced and caring teachers, led by a committed centre-head. We also like the close interactions with parents and feedback mechanism to understand and improve the potential of our child.
    Special mention to the caretakers, who were experienced in handling the children effectively.

    Parent’s Name : Manjusha

    Child’s Name : Daya

    Class : Pre-Kg

Tailored Programs and Fun Activities for Your Little Ones

Program and Activites

Join us at Globetrotters to immerse your child in a world of enriching experiences, hands-on learning, and joyful exploration. Our carefully crafted program and activities empower young minds to flourish and embrace the wonders of learning.

What's new

Latest News


Nursery Trip

The preschool is excited to embark on a field trip to a nursery, providing children with an opportunity to explore the world of plants, understand the basics of gardening, and cultivate a love for nature.


Musical Session

The preschool is thrilled to Musical Sessions, creating a joyous environment for children to explore the world of music, rhythm, and creative expression.


Birthday Celebration

Fostering a sense of community, creating lasting memories, and emphasizing the importance of friendship and celebration.


Trip to Orphanage

Aiming to instill values of compassion, empathy, and the joy of giving in our young learners. This experience is designed to foster a sense of community and teach children the importance of kindness.


Fancy Dress

The preschool is excited to organize a Fancy Dress Day, allowing children to express their creativity, build confidence, and celebrate the joy of imaginative play.


Non Fire Cooking

The preschool is excited to host a Non-Fire Cooking Event, providing a safe and interactive experience for young children to explore the world of food, promote fine motor skills, and encourage creativity in the kitchen.


Animals Day

The preschool is thrilled to organize an Animals Day Celebration, providing a fun and educational experience for children to learn about different animals, their habitats, and the importance of kindness and care towards our animal friends.


Parents Day

The preschool is thrilled to organize a special Parent-Child Event, emphasizing the importance of family engagement in early childhood development. This event aims to strengthen the bond between parents and their children, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared learning experiences.


Mother’s Event

The preschool is excited to host a special event that brings parents and educators together to celebrate the learning journey of our little ones. This event aims to foster a sense of community, enhance parent-teacher communication, and showcase the progress and creativity of the preschoolers.


Rhyme Day

The preschool is delighted to host a special Rhyme Day, dedicated to the joy of singing, dancing, and exploring the wonderful world of nursery rhymes.


Colour Day – White

A vibrant event aimed at introducing children to the world of colors, promoting creativity, and providing a fun, interactive learning experience.


Field Trip Fire-Station

To introduce our young learners to the role of firefighters in our community, reinforce safety concepts, and foster a sense of community awareness.